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GASMOD Version 7.0 - Steady State Gas Pipeline Hydraulic Simulation

In this method, objects such as pipe segments, valves, compressor stations and other devices may be selected from a toolbox and dropped on a drawing canvas.

These objects can be connected with pipe segments to form the pipeline system.

GPIPE (Also known as GASMOD LIte)

GPIPE is a hydraulic simulation software for gas pipelines. This is a scaled down version of GASMOD described above. Up to 10 compressor stations can be modeled.

GPIPE is a steady state, thermal hydraulic simulation program for gas pipelines. Several compressor stations along the pipeline can be modeled,

LIQTHERM Version 7.0 - Graphical Pipeline Model Creation

In LIQTHERM Version 7.0, the pipeline model may be created graphically using a drag and drop approach. In this method, objects such as pipe segments, valves, tanks, pump stations and other devices

LPIPE (Also known as Liqtherm Lite)

LPIPE ( aka LIQTHERM-Lite) is a steady state, hydraulic simulation software for liquid pipelines under isothermal (constant temperature) flow.

It is a scaled-down version of the LIQTHERM software. Multiple pump stations (Maximum of 10 pump stations ) along the pipeline with pumps in series or parallel at


PUMPCALC is a Centrifugal Pump Analysis program. It can be used to predict the performance of one or more centrifugal pumps, at various impeller sizes, speeds and series or parallel configurations.